How to include a Group Description for line items in quote template


I’ve used the ‘Quote Group Sample’ to create a PDF template for quotes, which is showing the data correctly.

However, i’d like to include a description for each group.

I’ve noticed there is a field called $aos_line_item_groups_description available in the editview dropdown for the PDFtemplate, but cant figure out how to enter the value for $aos_line_item_groups_description when creating the quote.

My products and services are provided over different ‘stages’ of a project, so i want to break down the quotation into separate groups (‘stages’) and be able to give the customer a description of that stage with the line items and total price for that stage.

I can edit the $aos_line_item_groups_description field directly using phpmyadmin, but how can i enter the data using suitecrm?

Many thanks

Anybody have an answer for this perchance? I would also like a description field or an additional field in the line-item group added for the purpose of printing out parts of a template, and would like to know if there is something that can be added to a quote for example that can be edited for each line item group.