How to improve search functionality in SuiteCRM 8.2 without using ElasticSearch

Hello everyone,

I just installed SuiteCRM 8.2 on my server and I am discovering this great solution. However, I have a problem with searching in the application. I find that it is not possible to get results similar to a “LIKE %%” SQL query, and it seems that we have to know the beginning of a contact or account to be able to find it.

Example -

  • Account name : APHP Hôpital
    Can be found with “ap” letters but no result with “hp” letters only.

I have seen that SuiteCRM 8 can be improved with ElasticSearch, but this solution seems to be very resource-consuming (at least 16 GB) and it is beyond my means to set up a dedicated server of this type at the moment.

Has anyone ever encountered this problem and found a way to bypass this search limitation? I am really interested in any ideas and tips you may have on this topic.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Did you try the following optin in config.php?
‘search_wildcard_infront’ => true,

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Thanks a lot, it was the option needed :slight_smile: