How to import won orders data from non-crm-system to SuitCRM in the right structure & with smart strategy?


I have to migrate data of accounts, contacts and historic won orders/sold services/products from an non-crm-ERP-System to a new fresh SuiteCRM installation.

In the past we dont use a crm, but with SuiteCRM we will start to work with.

And I break my head over how to handle the won order/sold service data:

What is the best way to import the won orders/sold services? As closed accepted quotes (maybe with Invoice status “invoiced”)? Or as won opportunities? Or as both record types?

The historic orders will linked to the related accounts & contacts in SuiteCRM. The smart imported & structured data in Suitecrm should give us an overview about the sold services and sales amounts/turnover in the past. For bussines analyzing etc

Thanks a lot!

If you want to import “intelligently”, and build relationships and security groups assignments, you need to go beyond the CSV imports and use an import script (which you define as a custom entrypoint).

I have a sample import script which you can use for inspiration:


thank you - this is interesting! But my key problem at the moment is: Should I import the won orders to quotes module or opportunities module? Or to both?

Which type of SuiteCRM record are the best one for won orders/sold services from the past?

Its “historic” data which I migrate to a brand new SuiteCRM where we will start to work with a CRM (includin sales pipeline etc) the first time.


Sorry for the misleading formulation “smart strategy”, what I meant was the “right way” to import/migrate this kind of data. Want to prevent this project from
badly thought-out data migration.

Thank you!

For this kind of option, which module to use, I just recommend that you examine the existing modules and see which best fits your needs… there’s not much more to it.

Remember to see the relationships with other modules;

and the actions each module allows, particularly conversions (make invoice from quote, etc).

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