How to import sent emails so that they actually go to the SuiteCRM sent email box?


In the email module you import mails from the mailserver into the suiteCRM database. My problem here is that all the e-mails, both from the inbox and the sent mail box on the mailserver, end up in the same inbox once imported into the database. There is a ‘sent email’ box inside the SuiteCRM database, but it only contains the e-mails actually sent from within the system. This is really a deal breaker from a usability point of view… so I can’t imagine it’s actually designed to behave that way. What am I doing wrong?

We already tried importing the sent mails, selecting them and dragging them into the ‘sent mail’ box. The system says its moving the mail but then it’s not actually moved. Some advice would be much appreciated!

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Hello! Just a bump for this question. I still haven’t solved it and I can’t imagine this is supposed to work this way…