How to implement team shifts while using automatic round-robin ticket assignment

Hello All,

Our customer service team work in shifts (day and evening).
We have decided to use one of the ticket assignment algorithms (similar to round-robin) to automatically assign tasks to customer service agents.

The problem is about how to ensure that we represent the shift in SuiteCRM in such a way that the ticket distributor assigns only to agents in the Day team during the Day team’s work hours. At the time of hand-over of work to the Evening team, the Customer Support/Service manager should be able to disable the Day team on SuiteCRM to allow the distributor only distribute tickets to the new shift’s team. Additionally, there should be a way for the Evening shift team to be able to access the Day shift team’s tickets to be able to provide support for those tickets that were not closed during the day.

How can we solve this problem?

Thank you very much.