How to implement S3 Bucket with Suitecrm upload folder?

I have requirement to transfer the suitecrm upload functionality to S3 Bucket. So After R&D , I observed that We can extend the class UploadStream.

So guys , I need to understand your thought or I am on right path ?


See my comments here

there’s a subtle difference between code inside SuiteCRM that uses

and other code that uses
$GLOBALS['sugar_config']['upload_dir']."/" . $filename;

and finally code that uses the hard-coded

Be careful because it’s not all consistent… but the UploadStream class should be your way forward, probably.

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Did you get anywhere with this. I am also looking to implement s3 bucket as upload for suiteCRM

Amazon console provide you one services Please go to the link.
Do not write the code for this stuff. You just give the permission for mount the folder like as cache/image , upload , public etc