How to hide unwanted fields

Hi Guys

Just signed up and testing out suitecrm 7.9.4. Must say interface looking really good however i am struggling with what appears to be a basic request. I am trying to hide or delete unwanted fields in contacts. For example i dont need the fax number field, there are others but cant see how to do this.

I have tried going to studio and under fields i see there is a delete button but doesnt seem to want to work. This is a new installation and tried in both IE and google chrome browsers but still no joy, also safari.

Any idea’s guys as i can progress into testing suitecrm fully.

Thanks for your time


Hi ashuk38,

You can hide unwanted fields by going into studio -> contacts -> layouts. Here you can drag fields from the “Default” column into the “Hidden” column.

As easy as that… Didnt realise about dragging the item. Thanks buddy much appreciated :slight_smile: