How To Hide "Assigned To" field or Set To Read Only

I’ve been cracking my head searching through SugarCRM and SuiteCRM forums trying to find a tweak that works for SuiteCRM without success.

Does anyone know how can the admin control the Assigned To field so that the user would not be able to change it and so that he won’t see other users as well?

Hope someone could help as every time I implement the code changes, it doesn’t work at all with SuiteCRM.

Below were some suggestions I could find.

Found this comment about change java code.

I don’t have experience with PHP coding, only tweaking things according to suggestions. So any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi freelancer

You can hide the Assign To completely by giving the user a role that has “List” set to none. I do not do this myself, but noticed it happening while testing the effect of Roles while setting up my own CRM.

I make all users have a default group called “Default Group” which has a Role assigned to it with no rights to anything. I then go to “Security Suite Settings” and use “Additive Security” and … easier to say that the only thing not checked in the top panel is “New User Group Popup”.

You then add a Role to your user that has as many rights, to as many objects, as you want.

Hope this Helps


Hi Bruce,

That looks like a good idea to try. Even with no rights at all, would a user be able to see all other users in the CRM? I’m guessing yes.

What I did instead was to hide the select and clear buttons for assigned to. Then extended the Ajax auto-complete delay.


Hi Calvin,

The absence of security gives everyone the right to do everything. I have described my rights setup in a bit more detail here.



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Hi Bruce,

Wow, this actually clears a ton of issues I was seeing with my earlier method in other modules.

The only thing to keep in mind is not to assign the Role that has additional rights into a group. This works great. I’ll see whether workflow is able to automatically assign this role to new users as well.

Additionally in Security Suite Settings, I’ve left “Use Creator Group Select” unchecked.

Thanks again.


Yes, in the method I have described, the only group with a role is the “Default Group”.


You do not need workflow to set the “Default Group” with the “Default Role” mentioned in the link above. You can do it on the “Security Suite Settings” at the bottom in the “Default Groups for New Records” section.