How to have the fields INDUSTRY and TYPE OF CLIENTS in the leads too?

Hi, my leads already have inside the “industry” and “type of client”, frop down field, and also other 2 text fields that I have to add to the accounts…
How to do this in the practice?
I just need to have the same fields INDUSTRY and TYPE OF CLIENT in the leads too and port these data when converting the leads.
The same is for some other custom text/integer fields like: number of square meters, numebr of shops, VAT, etc…
How to do that?
I checked about the fields relationships but it is not so much clear to me yet…


You can create a custom field in Accounts module. Go to studio-> Select module as Account. You will have the option to add a field.

To carry forward Leads data to Account module during Convert Lead. You need to have the same name of the field in both modules, Lead, and Accounts.

Thanks! For a test I added the new drop down field with name franchising_c for both LEADS and ACCOUNTS but then it was not showed in the Leads to Accounts and Contacts Conversion page, so then I tryed to add the same field also in the DetailView, EditView, QuickCreate, SuiteCRM Dashlet List View, SuiteCRM Dashlet Search, popup ListView, PopupSearch, but I still don’t find this Franchising drop down while creating new Accounts from Leads…
Any suggestions?

I have also tryed to create other new custom fields for th accounts already created for LEads, using the same field names:

text area



But still nothing happen,

Look at the attached images, both leads and accounts has the franchising_c field ,but as alread published above, that field will not appear to the account fields whil creating an account from leads:


This is something strange. I have tried with same field name and module and it does as expected.

  1. Created a field with name = franchising_c and selected dropdown dom as account_type_dom on Lead module.
  2. Created a field with name = franchising_c and selected dropdown dom as account_type_dom on Account module.

@urdhvatech Would you like if I send you my user and password trough private message or email to make a test in my admin area?

You can add me on skype.

Ok, we clarified on skype and this is the sum:
The methot suggested here to create 2 fields with the same name on leads and accounts is workign well, my checkign was failing, because I was not checking into the account created from leads, but I was searching for these new added fields into the same page to convert leads into accounts, contacts, etc… instead to show these new custom fields into the leads convert page is not automatic, but it need custom code.
IT is all right! I was just misunderstanding.
Have a great day and big many thanks to urdhvatech! :slight_smile:

I did the same thing buts its not showing me my customer field in conversion screen

we search for the same, how can i add my custom-field in the “convert” process ? leads convert to a account/contact.
you found a solution ?

@ingeniumdesign the solution is as described above. If the field exists in both modules with the same name and the same type, it will be copied over during conversion.

Hi all,

Thanks for the explanation about this topic. But it’s important to us that users can see and verify custom fields during lead conversion. Is it now possible to add these fields to the conversion process?