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How to handle frequent updates from suite CRM with lot of code customization


I am new to suite crm project, I need to update my suite crm to latest version and there is lot of code customization done from our side, can I get expert advice to handle the updates from both side ?

Hey there,

Have you found a solution for your upgrading?

I think, as long as your Custom Code changes are Upgrade-safe, (ie: Made in the /custom/ folder), then all should be retained upon upgrade, if you are upgrading to a later 7.x version.

Anything done in Studio should also be retained.

Although, if you are upgrading to SuiteCRM8, this may be a bit more complex.
The Front-end of SuiteCRM8 is vastly different to Suite7, so any Front-end customizations may be lost, or need tweaked.

Either way, I would definitely recommend taking both a Data and Code backup before commencing the upgrade, if you are concerned about the Code being lost through the upgrade