How to get the related panel on a form from a relate lookup

Hi guys, i am trying to work out how to get the related modules form to show a list of the other module


Module A has Relate Field to B

I want to show a list of all Module A on the Module B form

do i use the relate field or do i do something with relationships instead (if relationships is the answer - does that automatically created a field i can use as the lookup)

Thanks in advance, trying to learn how suite crm works.

Hi and welcome :slight_smile:
yes, you could use relationships for that. Let’s assume you have a new module called “brands”, and you would like to store the favorite brand of each contact.

Under the assumption that each contact has exactly one favorite branch, create a 1:n relation. After creating this relationship, a new field will become available for contacts, while your “brands” module inherits a new subpanel.
The new field for contacts will have an object picker (the arrow button) and offers an auto-complete-feature for users who start typing in the brands name.

On the other hand, a regular dropdown field could do something very similar, it depends on the use case (e.g.: who should be able to add brands? do you need a list of contacts who are related to a specific brand without using reports?)

Thank you, so based on your response I should really remove the relate fields created and go down the relationship route , yes I want the one to many relationship though in my head and experience of other CRM systems a one to many relationship and a ‘relate field’ are the same .

I’ll try that, thank you

the relate field does something very similar too, its basically a “one-side-relationship” (you’re not able to see within the related modules which other modules are related by that field).