How to get the counts of Member Types in the report?


I have 10 number of member types, and it is a dropdown. I want to create a report, which includes how many number of accounts are involved in each category.

In my report I want to see: Member 1 120
Member 2 240
Member 3 250

I tried with the condition function, but I am not able to see all the records in my report, and only specific member’s records count is showing. In my case Primary Tier is a member type, and in my report I am only able to see only one record at one time. Therefore, if I want to get the all records what can I do?

Also what is referred by “And” “OR” if I add multiple condition fields.

Please Advise.

Hi @Dinu1,

You want to hit group on the Member Type and change the Main Group to Member Type also.

This will cause the output to be displayed per Member Type as you want.

And / OR are logical operators, i.e
If you have more than one condition do you want it to have to meet

Condition 1
Condition 2
Condition 3

Which would require all conditions to be met before displaying a record

Condition 1
Condition 2

Which would require ether of the conditions to be met before display a record

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Hi @Mac-Rae,

Thank you so much for your valid response, and it is working as expected. Also, on some occasions “And” “OR” operator is not working.

Ex: If I use Member Type Filter, and if I want to filter a couple of Member type at the same time,

Member Type 1 and Member Type 2: in this case and operator is not working

Also can you explain me about group function, what is it for, and how to utilize that

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Could you pass a screenshot of the conditions you have set?

The group setting allows for grouping of the output of the report. Simply put you can use it to group by type of content and when that content matches will be included as a report header instead of regular contents

For example if you group by assigned to and set that as the main group and then also group by account.

Then AFAIK in a report that displayed opportunities, you would have a header per user and then under each header you have each account and then under each account you would have the opportunity records for that account.

Hope that helps!

Hi @Mac-Rae,

Thank you for your detailed response, this is really helpful.

I was not sure on how to use this group function, and after your response I was really able to create my report as expected.

Thank you so much