How to get Email receipt in SuiteCRM7.0.2 ???

I was trying to get email receipt in SuiteCRM7.0.2 and just found out that I needed to do the following changes in modules/emails/Email.php in SugarCRM’s forums :
$mail->ConfirmReadingTo = $mail->From;

But unfortunately I was unable to genereate the email read receipt.So can anyone please help me out with this urgent requirement.

Hi there,

Can you provide an explanation or a scenario of exactly what you require to be set/modified? Is this for inbound/outbound email or both?



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Is it related to kind of Email read receipt ?

Hello Will,
Thanks for your reply . Basically, when I send an e-mail to Contact/Account or to any other party and as soon as they open my email to read, I should get an email read receipt in my inbox that my mail has been read.

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Yes , it is the same thing ,getting the email read receipt as soon as the person whom i’ve sent the mail opens it to read it .

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To be more precise it is like the reports that we should get in form of notification email that your sent mail has been read by the receiver.

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This “read receipt” feature is widely supported by mail readers… Outlook, Thunderbird, most all modern mail apps.

How to make it happen :

Fast answer: try adding the header “Disposition-Notification-To: Firstname Lastname email@domain.tld


Thank you Chris . Actually, I want to mail the contacts/Accounts or other receipents using the Email client of SuiteCRM itself rather than using third party email service providers such as Outlook. So, I want to modify the Email module of SuiteCRM itself in a manner that the email client of suiteCRM should generate the read receipt and send it back to the sender that his/her email has been read. Can you please help me out with this ??

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You’re saying that you want to make the Sugar email client support Message Disposition Notifications (MDN).
The information how to support MDN is all in RFC 3503 and RFC 3798.

Since Sugar and Suite use PHPMailer (they extends SugarPHPMailer from the base class PHPMailer) :
$mail = new PHPMailer();
$mail->ConfirmReadingTo = ‘’;

The Sugar email client would have to be updated to display the MDN in the inbox with the email. Possibly add a custom field to the email records to show the MDN status.

This would be a great feature to sponsor for adding to the base SuiteCRM package! Would you be able to contribute so that this feature could be added to the email client ?

Or if you need it sooner, sponsor a Suite PHP developer to add it for you.


I just found the answer to my quest!

I see that a Return Receipt is NOT available in Suite CRM yet.

We could ask the SuiteCRM team to modify the PHPMailer to do what we want, right?

Or, is PHPMailer another open source project and we should ask them to integrate this feature?

Is this feature still being pursued?

I woudl be interested in this being developed. I woudl even contribute to it.



@joehogan PM me !

Hello Chris,

I am not sure how to PM on this site. PM me and then it might be faster.


Contact thru because there’s no PM system on the suietcrm forum !


I was looking over past conversation that I have been invloved with, and this one was of interest to me, and still is.

I tried contacting Chirs, but I found his website back then, but never got a reply.

If Chris is out there, or anyone else that can help with the read mail receipt feature, I’d be interested in seeing how we can get this feature into SuiteCRM.



Hello Joe,
What’s your email ?

Thanks Joe. Just emailed you.

Did you receive the email, Joe?

Hi All

I’m interested in this feature. For example, Hubspot has the ability to show when someone has opened an email as an instant desktop notification. The feature essentially pings the email to show when the recipient has opened the email, and the embedded links are changed so that when the recipient clicks a link inside the email it registers as a click and also shows this in the activity tab of the contact.

I would like to develop this feature within SuiteCRM so that the users of the CRM can see if a prospect has opened an email, how many times they have opened it, and which links they have clicked on. From there, as an example, if the email is sent with several links inside it the contact can automatically be added to workflows within SuiteCRM based on the links they have clicked on, and the emails which they have opened.

For instance:

  1. Email #1 sent
  2. User opens email, but does not click any links
  3. Added to “No click” workflow
  4. Second email sent with different information


  1. Email #1 sent
  2. User does not open email
  3. Added to “No open” workflow
  4. Second email sent with same information, positioned differently with different subject


  1. Email #1 send
  2. User clicks on one link in email about “Improving Leads in a Business”
    2a) website link has embedded cookie adding interest group “Improving Leads”
  3. Added to “improve leads” workflow
  4. Second email sent about improving leads
  5. Tag added to contact with interest group “Improving leads”

When user visits the website again, website dynamically displays slider and content which is relevant to “Improving leads”

If two links are clicked in the email, then two cookies are added, and recipient is added to two workflows which interact with different information being sent to the user, even adding the recipient to different sales teams to follow up on the contact or provide different value add information, improving sales lead funnel flow.

If someone is interested in working with me on this project, feel free to contact me on Messenger:

Hubspot email tracking: