How to get cases Audit data through api?

hi team,
I want to get the value changes of my cases field(which is audit enabled field), i can able to view the new and old values from Actions>> View Change Log,
but I want the data through API, how could I get that data through the API?

Which API?

Try to read directly from a table called <module_name>_audit

For example accounts_audit or contacts_audit

this way I’ll get the account data from the API,
but getting an error while trying to get the Accounts_audit

“errors”: {
“status”: 400,
“title”: null,
“detail”: “Module Accounts_audit does not exist”

I can see the table with a similar name accounts_audit in my database, but can’t able to access it.

Make sure you try with account_audit, not Accounts_audit

But other than that, sorry, I don’t have more suggestions, I don’t really use the API…

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In SuiteCRM v7.x

Could we read data from audit and update our module table?

From example, read data from accounts_audit and update accounts table.

How to do it? Will workflow be useful in this scenario?