How to get all this subpanels in one panel??

Is it possible to get all this subpanels in one panel with tabs ?!??

Yes … but you will need to do custom development … this is not native functionalty

Who can it be done ?
I want all this subpanels in tabs like this:
Contacts, History, Archive, Dokuments, Contracts.

Who can make it for me easy, or tell me the way to do it?

Have you tried the checking the ‘Subpanel Tabs’ checkbox/setting in the ‘Advanced’ section of your User Preferences(click your username top right, then click the Advanced Tab) to see if this suits your needs?



i coded a solution for this. send an email to with a good time to discuss.

You don’t need a coded solution … group tabs is standard functionslity

mr sales agilty,

unfortunately, the old “tabbed subpanels” solution, the one that is configurable via advanced layout settings when ediitting one’s profile, is a piece of junk. all it did was grouped subpanels by the groups defined in the "“module menu filters”, not to mention that it looks like crap.

my solution creates a tab for each subpanel and looks a lot better.

just sayin.

a much better solution can be found at::