How to get a SuiteCRM Single Sign on with Azure AD?

Hi all,
I am really stuck and can’t find a way to get my SuiteCRM Single Sign on with Azure AD working.
I ve tried out the user guide on Microsoft for SugarCRM but it is not working and I get an error message if I try to login with my office 365 account.

So if you have any literature or recommend any blog entry please let me now.


I wish I knew how to help but I don’t have experience with this.

Are you trying to use LDAP or what?

We developed a custom solution that utilized Microsoft Graph API to authentication our users. So users don’t need to create an extra account for SuiteCRM.

Thank you for that information! How difficult was your development, because I m very new in the MS universe.

Did you check the Microsoft below URL for SugarCRM?

I hope it helps you

Hi !
I have been trying for months to achieve it, without success so far (following both SugerCRM and custom options). It would be very interesting to have a step-by-step tutorial in the documentation, if anyone from SalesAgility is listening? :innocent:
Anyway, I hope you will get it done somehow, and if you succeed please share !


I am also getting an issue that, after login I get redirected to SuiteCRM logout page.

Anyone else experiencing this?



Yes, experiencing same problem. After authentication, redirecting to logout.
Is there any solution?

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Our recently updated documentation here may help: