How to get a file via api v 8?

Hi everyone, I’m looking for information about the API v8 methods for SuiteCRM in the postman file, I didn’t see a method that allows you to get an attachment file. Is it really so necessary to write your own method to get a file from Notes or Documents ?

Hey there

Have you been able to find a solution for this, by chance?

As far as I’m aware, there isn’t an OOTB API method to download a document, i’m afraid

There is an entrypoint, in the format of:
entryPoint=download&id=[record id]&type=[module type]

So, eg, navigating to:
Would download a document record with the ID “f1f2f7b0-5785-b826-b11a-603faf08e6b6”

Though I’m not sure if thats totally suitable for API work, or what you’d like to achieve :confused:

You might be able to create a custom endpoint for the API, that then uses this entrypoint.
(Though I don’t have much knowledge on that front, im afraid)

Some links for this:

There is also a post on the SugarCRM dev hub:
However, I’m not sure how applicable this would be nowadays, as the API methods could differ greatly

Hopefully anything above can point in the right direction!