How to generate custom module using module builder without adding prefix to table names ?

When I generate custom module using module builder, it is mandatory to add a ‘KEY’ for the module and all the DB tables are prefix with that name (KEY).

I just want to generate custom module which has table names without adding prefix to them.

Is there a way or any suggestions to do this task on module builder ?

I guess it’s just built this way. You’re probably better off just living with it this way, but if you’re really determined you can try changing the Module Builder Code to prevent this, or alternatively let it make the modules and then change the names on the database and on all the files referring them.

It’s not easy to do, and I don’t know this well enough to provide detailed explanations, sorry.

Thx for your attention on my requirement. I just want to build a custom module which has number of tables and these table names are already using by other services to insert/update data. also the tables have lots of columns.

as you said without doing hard way, I am hoping to do this task in a easy way using module builder.

I am not sure this is a good idea, but anyway, try looking inside module builder code to see if you can make it skip that prefix.

thx for your idea. I have used firebug to bypass the js validation of ‘KEY’ field, when generating custom module. B-)

I have successfully generated a custom module without PreFix on it. :woohoo:

unfortunatly when I look at the table names, the undescore ‘_’ is attached to them. :frowning:

any way thxt for the help.