How to fixed PRICE at not be modified manually by user at Quote create new

  • In the Creat new - Quote module area, when adding a product and quantity, the selling price will be changed by the user, which is not good when fixed price while adding new product.
  • (Default) The quoted list price of the product :: The value is automatically populated based on the selected product and may not be modified manually.
  • So I want to make this “List” or unit price “fixed” and can not be changed by the user. (see image attached)

Suitecrm V7.10.4 / Apache server (shared hosting) / PHP7.0

Please help !

You can write your own JavaScript or jQuery code to make the price field disabled so that no one can play with that.

If you know jQuery then this is not a big deal.

Thanks for giving me a hint, I selected the code to edit the line_items.js file and add the HTML disabled Attribute a quick option and fit my question readonly = ‘readonly’ or disabled both They work very well.

You are welcome