How to find the customers without contact for a long term?

Hi everybody,

I want to find out a list of customers which I have not been keeping in touch for more than 3 months. How could I do?

I usually contact my customer through email, and all emails are archived by the outlook Plug-in. I want to achieve this purpose through the last email date, but I don’t know how to do.

Could the report module achieve this? And how to achieve?

Or if the workflow module could send me email when I have not keeping in touch any customers more than 3 months?

I will be very appreciated if anybody give some suggestion! Thank you very much!


You may need to create a custom script or page and find date sent from archive email to generate such report. AFAIK no such reports are available by default.

you can achieve this with a simple Report, in my example I used Contacts, but you can use it with any other Module, like Accounts.

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and for workflow you can do something like this (add your action)

please test it in a development environment, we won’t like you to send hundreds of mails while testing

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