How to find module IDs?

According to the docs I’ve come across, to set a relationship, I need the module id of one (or both, depending on version) of the modules. Where do I find the module id?

N.B. I’m not asking about the id for a record in the module, I want it for the module itself (“Documents”, “Accounts”, etc.).

I’m doing this via the SOAP interface, if that’s of any concern.


As I understand. you are looking for module name instead of module label correct ?

If yes,
If you have Custom module, then go to ->custom/application/Ext/Include/module.ext.php
or base modules then check include/modules.php

This should have all you need.

Been there, read that. I don’t see where the id for the Accounts MODULE is being retrieved. I do see where the id of Accounts RECORDS are being retrieved.

Look at line 9 of the PHP example of set_relationship found here. That is the information I’m looking for. Not the module name. Not the module label. The module ID.

Your are confused, there is no module id! That link you are referring to is for use with the web services API. Are you using SOAP or REST to interact with Suite? If not and you are just trying to write code within Suite then the link I gave you is all you need.

Even in the code in the link you posted the ‘module_id’ parameter is referring to a record id.

It even tells you in the paramaters table in your ink: module_id String The ID of the specified module record. :whistle:

Its quite simple:

‘module_name’ => ‘Opportunities’, tells it which module to use.

‘module_id’ => ‘15e79b92-5025-827f-0784-50aa578270d8’, tells it which record within Opportunities to use

‘link_field_name’ => ‘contacts’, tells it which relationship to use

‘related_ids’ => array( ‘19b8799e-64ae-9502-588c-50aa575454c9’, tells it which contact records to relate to the Opportunities record

But once again this is only used in a SOAP or REST call!

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Thanks for clearing that up. How silly of me to think something called “module_id” referred to a module id and not a record id. :slight_smile:

As I said, I’m doing this via SOAP since the installation is on a remote server.

Now, back to work. Thanks again.

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