How to find mails that are imported and not connected to a contact?

When importing mails into Suite, they’re are attributed to senders/receivers contact. When a new contact is added, mails sent or received by the new contact also get connected to it. However mails that have no saved contact are hard to track. I’d need a function that collects all those “lost” mails and lists them.
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sorry for the long delay answering, I didn’t see this when you posted it :frowning:

I am not sure this is possible, but I do suggest trying from the Reports module. You should be able to list emails and group them by related Contact, and select to see just the ones with no related Contact.

But I don’t know the details of how to do this - normally with the Reports module it takes a bit of tweaking and trying different things until you get it right.

I was playing a little with report module but could only find mails that are assigned to a user. Anyone knows how to specifically search for mails that are not assigned to any?