How to filter for "Not Equal" i.e. All contacts that are not in UK

I am trying to use an advanced filter on a Country Field which produces a NOT return.

i.e. I want all contacts that are NOT in the UK. How do I do this? I can easily put UK in the country field and the list produced is all the UK contacts. It is the rest that I want to see.

Regards, Chris.

can you share screenshot on how your Advance search screen looks like. Is the Country Field a Text or A Dropdown?

Here is the screenshot of what I have currently.Capture

I thought that I might be about to use something like NOT or <>

It is a text field that I am using here.

The text fields are only designed to check for the text that you put for search. if you have setup the Elastic search in Global Search settings, then you can use the operators as per Elasticsearch syntax.