How to Fetch external api for custom module in suitecrm?

In suiteCRM, I have created custom module name ‘Patient’. I am using the same UI of it. In the list view I want name of my all patients to be displayed which should be fetched from external service(REST API). I am new to suitecrm. Could anyone help me from which file I can fetch my external REST api and how to render that received data on list view as well as detail view. I have gone through documentation.

Please provide actual code or snippet to that. Developers guide isnt seem to be helpful for me. SuiteCRM Version-7.10.7 Sugar Version-6.5.25 (Build 344)

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I am thinking this would be very complicated. List View is based on records in the database table for the given module. You would be better off creating code / using an API that created a record in the Patient Module for each patient. Thus you would get your list view.

You could create the module and the needed fields. Create a program to pull the records using the REST API of the source and have it enter it directly into suiteCRM’s database / module table.

Thank you for help John. Could you please let me know from which file we have write the code to fetch the API and how to render that on list view through database?

You have to Override your include/ListView/ListView.php at module level . and manage everything their including your listview layout too.