How to Enable Meeting Audit

I need to enable Meeting Auditing on the start and end fields.

I added this in the custom/Extension/modules/Meetings/Ext/Vardefs, R&R with no success.

$dictionary['Meeting']['audited'] = true;

$dictionary['Meeting']['fields']['date_end']['comments']='Date meeting ends';

$dictionary['Meeting']['fields']['date_start']['comments']='Date of start of meeting';


Is there another way to do this or is this not possible in Meetings?

Did you remember to perform the “Quick Repair & Rebuild” after adding these lines of code?

Login > Administration > Studio > Meetings > Fields

Select the Date Start and Date End fields

Put a tick in the Aduit buttons.

This will then generate an audit table watching both fields.

You’ll then be able to edit a record and click ‘View Change Log’ and it will present the audits in there too.

Hope this helps.

This started working for me and I am not sure why.

A couple of R&R’s and stuff started working.

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