How to edit the accounts table in the database?

I checked the connections of the “accounts” table and it seems to me that the required row “billing address country” has no links with other tables, which means it can be edited.

How to edit the accounts table in the database - string “billing address country”.
Manual editing is not an option, since there are more than 100 thousand records.
I need to write the name of the country based on the phone number.
Can I edit the database without harming it and how to do it correctly?

maybe something like this?

update accounts a
a.billing_address_country = case
	when a.phone_office LIKE '+49%' then 'Germany'
	when a.phone_office LIKE '+33%' then 'France'  ELSE 'unknown'
a.deleted=0 ;

(don’t forget to do backups first -it’s always better to be safe than sorry :wink: )