How to edit relationship in suitecrm

How can I change a relationship from a one to many relationship to a many to many relationship??

In Admin/Studio, select the module and the “relationships”.

If you have trouble editing a certain relationship, try creating a new one instead, and using the new one for your views.

When I create the many to many relationship; I’m unable to do a select on the sub panel for one module but is able to select on the other module. Is that how it works?


If the 2 modules have many-to-many relationships, then for both modules you can select the multiple records from subpanel.
Please do a quick repair and try again to select the records from both modules.

If you still face any problem, please let me know. Thank you!

Remember there is also Admin / Repairs / Repair relationships, people always forget this one

I have done that but I’m still not seeing it.

Also can a many to many relationship be shown on the detail/edit view

I’m wondering if it is because it is between a module that I created (Department) and one that came with SuiteCRM (User) as to why it would not be showing for the Users module but shows for theDepartment module.