How to duplicate whole line items module

I would like to duplicate the whole line items function so that I can have separate 2 line item functions in one module to compare data.
I have been trying to duplicate it and rename the main parts, I’ve updated the vardefs in the AOS_Invoices but it’s still not showing another available field in studio for me to add to the edit view.

What would I have to do get this to work?

For that first you need to make changes in vardefs.php file .

  1. you need to create another array like line items same as it is.except the name, LBL_NAME.(you need to change this other wise it will overwrite).

  2. Go to editviewdefs.php make changes there also. after line items, create your another array what you jst created recently.

  3. Quick repair and rebuild.


Thanks, I’ve tried this but nothing has changed.

As per your question, whatever solution i have given. its ok. beceause i also did something similar to that and its working all well . though if it is not working for you. give some screenshots or some piece of code for rectify the problem. THen it will for us to understand where the error is.?

I realised what the main problem was: I updated editviewdefs in modules not custom/modules. It’s now starting to work however it’s very dodgy.
Instead of creating two separate tables, it’s merged the two together.

Actually what is happening you know, they are accessing THE AOS_PRODUCT_QUOTES module for storing, retrieving from database. and there

everything is working for one line items what we are using in Aos_invoice,

i got it. you have to make changes in aos_product_quotes . just go through it. try from your side. if then also it is not happening. we are here to help you :slight_smile:

Cheers :cheer:

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Well I decided to try something, I duplicated the whole AOS_Products_Quotes folder and edit everything in their so it’s unique, this seems to be starting to work but will take longer to make everything have separate IDs etc. Is there a simpler way of doing it?

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Thanks for you help!!