How to do backup

Currently, I had researched more and more information about back up. I also tried apply those way for my suitecrm but it is not working at all. I am using oracle VM Virtual Box to run suitecrm at local window? How could I do my backup? Thank you for replying and have a nice day.

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Shi Min.

this blog post might help you

I had tried this post but not suit.

are you using something like virtualbox locally to run Suite? In this case, you can either backup the whole virtual system or you reduce the backup to the actual data, in this case the blog post should help you, but it requires some technical skills.

Hi, I am using Oracle virtual box. I had put the writable diretory but I am lack of technical skill to find out the file.


I’ll recommend you to look for professional help with this one. You don’t want to destroy your data in the process.



You can know the place for guest OS box in setting of Virtualbox. The file with guest OS has extansion “.vdi”
Which OS do you use as a platform for VirtualBox?

i am using Windows 10

Thanks for suggestion.

Shi Min.

Look at screenshots. There are enough informations, I hope.

Sure, any information should be helpful. Thanks a lot.