How to display subpanel detail view under main module.

Hello, I want to display a custom module (many custome module to oneemployee) subpanel/s under employee module in a detail view. I see my custom module under Employee but it has a huge plus i.e. I have to click on it, then i see a few fields which i can click and get into the detail view of the custom subpanel.

I would like to see the detail view directly under the subpanel, any thoughts?

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


You would need to create a customised modules//views/view.detail.php for your module that displays the normal DetailView and then retrieves and displays the subpanel record(s) DetailView(s) as well.

Start by looking at the views/view.detail.php of some of the built-in modules and then copy and modify one of them. The display method actually displays the view and you can add displaying anything else you want in that method.