How to display all result in autopoulate list of a relate field

Hello All,

I am looking for one solution i.e. -

I want to show all suggestions or results for the searched names right now it shows only 10 items I want to show all.

for ex -

Here I have more than 10 results we have 30 result how we can show all in list for usres.

kindly let me know how we can do that

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Hi @jyotip,

Have you had any luck finding a direction to try via code investigation?
A good starting point will help to drive support for your issue. If you haven’t yet I’d suggest taking a look at the function controlling said search. It looks like all the data is already there just hidden so it may be a simple enough task to disable said limiter.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Mac-Rae

Thanks for the reply

Yes, I have already edited include\javascript\yui\build\autocomplete\autocomplete-min.js,\include\javascript\yui\build\autocomplete\autocomplete.js and increased the limit of maxResultsDisplayed and did repair rebuild, but there is no result.

kindly suggest.

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Hello how are you, I’m looking for the same solution
Could you solve it somehow?
Thank you

I found the solution!
What you changed is fine, but before repairing you must rename the cache directory, so that it is regenerated and it should work there

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