How to display account name next to contact name in autofill when typing in a contact field?

I would like to display the account name next to a contacts name when typing in any contact field in the autofill dropdown. If I could get direction for how to do this would be greatly appreciated thanks!


Look at the file ‘modules/Home/quicksearchQuery.php’ . It’s entry point for this autofill dropdown.
You can create custom class for class ‘quicksearchQuery’ of file ‘modules/Home/QuickSearch.php’ .

sorry but this is a little too vague, I was hoping for something more specific I am still not sure the best part of the code to modify to do this at


You don’t have to change the system code, you can write your own code. There is a regular mechanism SuiteCRM. You can see how to create your own class at the top of the ‘modules/Home/quicksearchQuery.php’ file.

I would like to keep the regular code not write a whole new one, just add the account name in the contacts autofill that get displayed to the existing code. I could spend a lot of time digging myself, was just hoping someone familiar with it could point me in the right spot