How to Disable dashlets at admin and user

Hi ,
I installed(7.13) suiteCRM ,it awesome and i leared so many things through it .

Here I want know ,where in home dashbord “action” button is there ,through that button we can add dashlets (modules),here I have disable so moduels like “contacts” but still in “add dashlets” it is showing .

So how can I disable those “dashlets” .

My agenda is when I disable one module that should not show in “add dashlets” how can I do this kinldy help on this .



I’ve been having a look, and I believe it is possible

Though, as far as I could see, I could only achieve it through code

In the file:

You should see a snippet of code that looks like:

Which appears to be metadata for the “My Contacts” Dashlet

You should be able to add

   'hidden' => true

To the Array, which will hide the Dashlet from the “Add Dashlet” menu

Like so:

$dashletMeta['MyContactsDashlet'] = array('module'		=> 'Contacts',
                                          'title'       => translate('LBL_HOMEPAGE_TITLE', 'Contacts'),
                                          'description' => 'A customizable view into Contacts',
                                          'category'    => 'Module Views',
                                          'hidden' => true);

However, this change isn’t upgrade-safe, and may be overwritten by CRM upgrades, and may need to be re-applied.

I’ve been trying to add it to the /custom/modules/Contacts/ area, but haven’t had any luck as of yet.
Perhaps another user has any advice on how to achieve this?
(or if it is possible for Dashlets currently)

Let us know if that’s what you’re looking for!

@John Thank you so much for your response .

@John I tried your way ,but it still showing in “Add Dashlet” ,I have changed the array as “‘hidden’ => true”,

could you please tell any way we can do this ?



Strange, The dashlet is no longer an option if I make that change:

The “Add Dashlets” list goes from:

You made the change in:
modules/Contacts/Dashlets/MyContactsDashlet/MyContactsDashlet.meta.php, Right?

It might be worth running the “Quick Repair and Rebuild” and perhaps even “Rebuild SuiteCRM Dashlets”, both found in the Admin->Repair menu

Maybe even clear the browser cache

If you do the above, does it still show as an option?

If so, which specific version of SuiteCRM are you on?
I’d like to try making the change on the same version

@John Thank you so much for valuable response ,

I am using this " Version 7.11.15" , I made this changes shown in below
global $app_strings;

$dashletMeta[‘MyContactsDashlet’] = array(‘module’ => ‘Contacts’,
‘title’ => translate(‘LBL_HOMEPAGE_TITLE’, ‘Contacts’),
‘description’ => ‘A customizable view into Contacts’,
‘category’ => ‘Module Views’,
‘hidden’ => true);

I have clear the cache .

still it showing kindly help on this .



I’ve given it a try in 7.11.15, and “My Contacts” is removed from “Add Dashlets” after making the change…

If you have confirmed that you are changing the correct file, and have run both "Quick Repair and Rebuild” and “Rebuild SuiteCRM Dashlets”

Then, maybe it would be worth resetting permissions on the instance?

We recommend:

sudo chmod -R 755 .
sudo chmod -R 775 cache custom modules themes data upload config_override.php
sudo chown -R www-data:www-data .

(Replacing www-data with your web server user)

If you reset permissions, and run the “Quick Repair and rebuild” and “Rebuild SuiteCRM Dashlet” commands again,
Does that have any effect?

Hey @John ,It is working fine after my changes in MyContactsDashlet.meta.php. I have done “Quick Repair and Rebuild” .
Then it is gone ,but I have on question ,if we do “Quick Repair and Rebuild” ,is it effect any design or coding changes .i mean after installed suitecrm i have done lots of desing changes and coding changes ,if i do “Quick Repair and Rebuild” is it effected to my work ?



Hmmm, so if you run the Quick Repair and Rebuild, your change is undone?

The Quick Repair and Rebuild shouldn’t override changes, as far as I’m aware, as long as they’re not done in Auto-generated files or in the /cache/ directory.

All it should do is rebuild these auto-generated files, (such as Extensions/Vardefs/Various Cached files)
and check for Mismatches between the DB/CRM

Just to test, I've made the change locally, and ran the Quick Repair and Rebuild, and the change seems to stay

What is the location of the file you’ve changed, by chance?

As long as it’s not an Auto-generated file, or in the /cache/ directory, I wouldn’t expect the change to be undone

Thank you @John for your respone.

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