How to Disable "Create" functionality

Hi Team,

We have got a request: Sales Rep can’t create Any Account or Contact in SuiteCRM, only Sales Admin profile person can create. So how we can disable the same for Sales Rep role.
In Role, there is no restriction in CREATE option, we have restriction on Access, Edit, delete etc, but not for CREATE.
Any suggestions.

Many thanks!

if you restrict option “Access”, “create” will automatically be affected (“access” is an option to configure all actions at once afaik).

you can create ROLE for users.

Go to Admin setting. then click ROLE MANAGEMENT.

After you create role.

Choose users you want to restric access
Click Users Subpanel at the bottom then select users.

If I disable Access functionality, would it not disable to access those accounts, I mean Sales rep team need to create entries against those Accounts, so anyhow they need to access the same, but I just want not to give Create functionality.

You can hide the button using ACL in menu.php (when it shows up on the right), haven’t tested it with create button in subpanels though


You can restrict the edit access because edit and create both are working the same in CRM.

or you can use the below product to hide the “Create” button from accounts module for a particular role.

It worked Ashish, thanks a lot for the help.