How to disable a new case update (Case Updates Threaded) on every received mail.


SuiteCRM Version 7.11.7
PHP : 7.2
Platform : Nginx, MariaDB on Ubuntu

I have the system setup to create a case for inbound emails and works fine except for the below problem. Every time I get a mail it creates a new update on the “Case updates Threaded” section. How do I disable it ?
I would want to add an update only manually and do not want it to create a new case update on its own.

Thanks in advance.

There are 2 options

1: Disable AOP from Admin>>AOP Settings (i don’t know if this also effet case creation)
2: Disable Case Update Hook in custom/modules/Emails/ogic_hooks.php (this option is safe, should do this)

If you don’t know coding you can engage an expert to do it. I can also do this for you.


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