how to determine which view i'm using?

Hi all,

As a total newbie, i decided the best way to get to know the module builder was to create my own modules. I created my own “customers” module with my own fields. I also created another module “participant”. Since a customer can participate in multiple events I defined a 1:n relation. Everything works like a charm except the overview (at least as far as my judgment goes). When I open a customer’s card, I see the Detail View from that particular customer. SO far so good.

Underneath the Detail View I see some view from the “participant” module, but I am unable to find out which view this is. It show’s a ‘create’ button and displays the fields ‘name’, ‘e-mail’, and ’phone’.

Does anyone know which view this is so I know which view to edit?
Am I right to assume a list view under the “customer”’s Detail View?

Hope this makes sense, please let me know if you need additional info.

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Hi there, that is the sub-panel view.

You can edit the sub-panel by navigating to the module required and then Layouts -> Default -> Sub-Panel.

Screen shot would probably help confirm.



Hi Will,

Thanks, that seems to be it!

(can i close the topic myself?)


Consider it closed, there is no real way of closing. We leave topics active so other members can see the issue and the resolution.