How to delete Mr., Mrs. etc. from Name field?

How can i delete scroll down list Mr., Mrs., Ms. near field “Name” when i want to create a new contatc?

  1. pls check if it can be removed in the Studo
  2. if it cannot be removed by Studio, pls include the Javascript to hide the field. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for your answer.
it can’t be deleted from studio. Tell me please how should i hide the field?

1\ pls check if custom\modules\Users\metadata\editviewdefs.php exists.

2\ if the file is not there, copy custom\modules\Users\metadata\editviewdefs.php to custom\modules\Users\metadata\editviewdefs.php

3\ edit the custom\modules\Users\metadata\editviewdefs.php to include the javascript file

array (
‘headerTpl’ => ‘modules/Users/tpls/EditViewHeader.tpl’,
‘footerTpl’ => ‘modules/Users/tpls/EditViewFooter.tpl’,
‘includes’ =>
array (
0 =>
array (
‘file’ => ‘custom/modules/Users/js/UsersEditView.js’,

‘useTabs’ => false,
‘tabDefs’ =>
array (


4\ create and edit the file :custom/modules/Users/js/UsersEditView.js


XXXXXX, is the id of the field, you can check it by F12 in you browser