How to delete imported email and old imap folders in v7.11.3

Hi all. I did some testing of the email functionality. WHen I set up a team email for inbound messages, about 3000 were imported automatically.

How do I delete these emails?

Also in the emails modile I still see IMAP folders from old accounts that were disconnected after the tests. HOw can I remove these imap folders?

I am using
Version 7.11.3
Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)

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Hi @hristo_stefanov,

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If you wish to soft delete the records, from the list view in the select drop-down on the left hand side chose “select all”. Then press mass action and chose delete. Ensure you have the inbound inbox disabled or automatic import disabled to prevent re-upload

Thank you, Mac-Rae for the quick response!

I do “select all” but I do not have an option to delete - screen grab is attached. Have you ever seen such a thing? What is the cause?

I think these were imported from email accounts that I have already deleted from SuideCRM. Please see second attached screen grab in my second reply (I can only attach one image.

Also, SuiteCRM somehow remembers all old accounts and keeps pulling from them. Can I delete these emails and also these accounts from the database directly or in some other way?


the second screen grab. Only the first account is currently active. The other 4 are long deleted.

The second part there is a known issue, you can remove the folders from the database if your would like.

The first part i forgot you are unable to do via that method and i assume the only way would to again remove them via the database @pgr any better ideas?

Actually I don’t know enough about the email module… it often confuses me.

But the first thing I’d ask is: are you sure these mails are imported? The fact that they are listed there doesn’t mean they are imported. You might just be getting a view of your server. This would also explain why you can’t delete them in SuiteCRM. It would also explain the option you see on the menu there, Import

Could you guys tell me in which database tables I have to make deletions?

I imported the first email but still the same menu shows up. Behind the menu there is a checkmark that it has been imported. Pls see image.

You could start by checking if the newest version already has a delete button in there. You can delete from the database, but it’s risky without fully understanding how it is implemented there.

Thanks for the link, pgr.

The new version can delete emails or accounts or both?


I don’t know, I was just suggesting that you try it…

If you have had no luck through the interface I’ll have a look today and write you up a wee guide. Not sure if soft deleting them is an option by just changing the deleted value but that’ll be the first thing I’ll try. Let me know how you got on and I’ll get started if need be :+1:

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