How to delete Dropdown in Dropdown Editor?

Hello Team,

How can I delete Dropdown in Dropdown Editor? There is only “Add Dropdown” icon in Dropdown Editor. I would like to delete “Title_list” in my dropdown.

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Why do you need to delete something from an area where only admins go?

because i m admin, i input wrong dropdown list

here is the image:,
i want to delete " title_list" , the first one of the left top corner

You mean you created that dropdown? Then maybe look for files that have similar names in the custom directory.

Custom dropdowns are stored in:

Take a backup of that file and, if you have knowledge of php, edit it as you wish.

Then look if there are are other language files in the same folder and edit them accordingly (after having backed them up!) so that the lists are aligned. In case there are more than one language file, you have to pay particular attention so that the keys are the same and none is missing.

Once done you have to log in as an administrator and run a quick repair and rebuild.

If you did some mistakes while editing you may ruin your installation so, do it only if you know what you are doing, if you know php and at your own risk.