How to Delete Custom Relate Field

I created a custom relate field (in a custom module). Then I tried to delete it. I can’t delete it in studio.

I tried to delete it from:

custom/Extension/modules//Ext/Layoutdefs (if you have a subpanel)


All are clean but the field is still there! It’s driving me crazy. Where else can I look to delete this field. It keeps showing up in Studio.

I also checked both sides of the relationship (both related modules) and there are no more records of it. Can’t figure this one out.

Oh BTW I also re-set all my permissions and tried to delete it with Studio again with no luck??? :angry:

I should also mention I tried a quick repair and rebuild.

When you delete the files, and run a QR & R, scroll down to the bottom to see if it offers to “sync database with vardefs”. If there is a button there, press it.

Then you can also look in the database table flelds_meta_data if there’s anything there that should be cleared. Back up first, and proceed with caution…

Thanks @PGR, I tried that but there is no button, it just says: Database tables are synced with vardefs

What if I deleted the tables from the DB? I’ve been considering that.

It would be better to fix the references to it first. Find the vardefs/fields_meta_data entries that are referencing the tables and remove them.

But you can try anything, if it’s in a test environment :slight_smile:

Dude PGR i need your help