How to deal with multiple enviroment

Is it possible to work with multiple environment with suitecrm (development, Test and Production)? I would like to use git to manage the customization, but I know that some operations changes some files out of my control (new module or droplist change in Administration, for example). And what about metadata? How to track changes made in the Studio? How to bring some customization from an environment to another? I tried to copy the PHP files, but doesn’t work for new modules

Some things will be easier to export like module customizations. You can export them from Studio and import them into other installation via Module Loader. Now things like upgrades might be better to be done on every installation.

In my company, we use rundeck to create a new docker image of suitecrm and promote that image to test and production environment, for each new implemantation. Its works fine for new JS or logic hook customizations. But when it comes to Studio its very dificult. In theses cases, we have to keep track of the table fields_meta_data and we dont know what files were modified by studio, for sure. Some bugs happend only in production. I think the only way is give up the automation. Any sugestion ?


I don’t have any suggestions about backup automation. One thing is for sure. All Studio customization are saved in the custom folder. You should be good by just copying the full folder to your other environments. Then make sure to run a QR&R to make sure changes are effective.