How to deal with large multi select fields


I have a large multi-select field that is used to categorize contacts.

A contact can be an electrician, plasterer, joiner, planning consultant, structural engineer, SAP assessor, client, builder, joiner and developer etc etc. or any combination of those at the same time.

For example… i have a ‘client’…who is a 'developer ’ and is also a ‘joiner’ and ‘general contractor’.

What’s the best way to deal with this? At the moment i have a very large multi-select field.


I would maybe create and utilise the dynamic drop down in this case?

so maybe divide your values into different ‘topics’ or criteria. then from that use the dynamic drop down to display the appropriate information … this would organise as divide the values into smaller manageable chunks.

you could organise alphabetically if they have no correlation between the values.


Thank you. I had not realized dynamic dropdown could be used this way.

I had previously installed ‘dynamic dropdown’ by Udvha tech, which simply allows items to be added to a dropdown list dynamically.

Where might i find documentation on the built in dynamic dropdown ?

What does the studio field named ‘Parent DropDown:’ do?

Thank you.