How to customize the parameter of pagination?

Who knows how to customize the parameter of subpanel pagination?
My client needs the subpanel can display 50 records of data.
I googled a round and found nothing.
Thank you very much.

It should be easy to do in Admin / System Settings / Subpanel items per page

Isn’t it working?

may be change this from config_override.php if not working from there…

  'list_max_entries_per_page' => 20,
  'list_max_entries_per_subpanel' => 10,

Thank you very much.
It works.
Is it possible that just modify this parameter of some certain module only?
Since the clients actually needs the module Properties to be displayed this way, and I don’t want other modules be effected.
I know it might need to hack the code. But I just have no idea whether it’s possible.
Thank you again.

As prg said, we could find that in system settings.
Thank you