How to customize the Meeting Email Template

My primary question is How to customize the Email template which is sent when a meeting is created? BTW I follow this tutorial to make it done. But It’s not working. Is it possible to make a customize template for meeting?

2- And my next question is that email templates is in .html format but the html tags are not working in that script(en_us.notify_template.html) any reason for that?

3- Also I created a new email template with the Meeting module variables but I could not find any option to integrate the email template with meeting

In reverse order:

3- you can’t do that - email templates are just for campaigns, not for the notification emails

2- forget the HTML extension, it’s not a real HTML file. It’s more of a.tpl, a template for multiple notification emails. The HTML tags are not going through into the emails. I’m working on an improvement to this, but it’s not in the system yet.

1- the instructions in that thread should work. What do you mean “it’s not working”? None of your changes are getting picked up? Or just something fancy and specific like CSS, javascript, or even links?

1 - NO changes in the email received related to the meeting

A few questions to guide me in helping you:

What is your SuiteCRM version?

Exactly which file did you change?

What language is your system in?

Also, notice that there are TWO templates for Meetings:

  • one is called Meetings and defines the emails that go out when meetings are assigned to someone.

the other is called MeetingReminder and defines the emails that go out when the time of the meeting is approaching

Are you changing the correct one?

I am using SuiteCRM version 7.3. The system is running on English Language.

I customized the file en_us.notify_template.html which is located inside the custom -> include -> language folder.

Have you customized an email template before? is that working cool?


I just checked and it’s working fine. I’m on SuiteCRM version 7.7 but I don’t think this code has changed since 7.3, so you should be ok.

A few things to check:

  1. exact file name of custom/include/language/en_us.notify_template.html

  2. file permissions on custom/include/language/en_us.notify_template.html

  3. The block name within the file. Make changes in ALL of these, to make sure you’re seeing the correct one:

The use of these blocks will depend on the action you’re taking: assigning, inviting, reminding.

Don’t waste time with Repair/Rebuilds, they are not necessary for this.

Thank you, that was help full
but I need to make customization on that. as you said it is not possible with html tags, So how can I make customization like changing colors,background colors, …etc

Simple and clear answer: up to version 7.7.5, you can’t do any formatting on notification emails (not to be confused with the marketing emails where full templating is available).

Luckily, my new code has been merged and will be on version 7.7.6 if I’m not mistaken. If you install that you’ll see a few bold tags in the templates, and better looking links. You can try expanding from there to create nicer looking emails. But it’s experimental, be careful and check how they render in different email clients, especially on Gmail. I honestly don’t know how far you can go (styles, javascript, etc.), but please try it and then tell us.

Yes , thank you very much for your help. Yes I will try that and let you know .

BTW can you please check on this question ,

Nadil H

I have tried a little for customizing and it works cool. I have attached a screen shot of customized email.

I have couple of questions in this.

  1. When a meeting email is received it contains a .ics file , once if i click and save only it is added to the outlook calendar . Is there any way to add the meeting to the calendar automatically rather than doing it manually.

  2. If we accept or decline a meeting, it will show some plain html in the page. I have found the file in “modules/Contact/AcceptDecline.php” and made some customization in the meeting section. Now the accept or decline messages shows like this.(attachment 2). Is it OK to customize this file? If we need to move this customization to another instance , How to do that? replace the same file in that suiteCRM instance?

3)How to take the meeting invitation mail notification customization file to prior versions of suiteCRM or sugar CE 6.2 versions. Is it possible to do that?



  1. I don’t know, sorry

  2. I don’t know the answer to your question, but it should follow the generic way of customizing things in SugarCRM / SuiteCRM, using the custom directory. Google it or (better) read Jim Mackin’s eBook SuiteCRM for Developers.

  3. For earlier versions, you can manually apply these changes in SugarBean.php:

You can copy the new template file over from the newer install, it’s easier than adding all those tags manually.

Reapply whenever you do an update that changes SugarBean; stop reapplying when you reach 7.7.6 which contains the changes.

Do this at your own risk, I haven’t tested anything in earlier versions. But it should work.