How to customize module/package in upgrade safe manner in suitecrm 8?

Hello guys,
I have started the customization in suitecrm 8 but I am worried that how can I upgrade whatever customization is there in an upgrade-safe manner.

Please help me. :slight_smile:

What type of customizations are you working on?

Customization like add a custom menu in navbar statically and dynamically , add a custom dashlet, add a custom button in Actions drop-down with redirection page link.

I have to do alll these customs in upgrade-safe manner but i am not able to know where to code in which file.

So please help me. :slight_smile:

Have you done any of this in previous versions?

All things mentioned above have slightly different paths, but you should be able to do overwrites on the files you’re wanting to change.

You’ll want to read up on the extension framework as this is how the customizations flow through

Custom Menu - are you meaning add in new modules, or change the theme/menu layout?
Dashlet - need more info to help ya there, pretty much all dashlets you create through actions-> Add Dashlet, are customized.
Actions drop down with new option and redirect, gets ya deep into a couple of things there, but very much so something that can be done.

How much experience do you have with SuiteCRM development?

Thank you @jkortus1234

I have about one and a half years of experience in SuiteCRM.

So a bit of the code structure has changed to support the front end changes, in regards to Suite 8. Working through a lot of it on my side as well. As with a lot of the later versions of 7x, any overrides need to be done through the extensions modules. You cover a wide range of customizations within this - if you have a specific question, I may be able to offer some suggestions from there at least.

Thank you very much :slight_smile: @jkortus1234

So I want to know how to do Google and Facebook authentication inside SuiteCRM 8.

That one isn’t something I’ve dug too deep into as it’s not a need on my project, but I’d imagine it’s within the oAuth sections… Unsure if it’d require an API or if you can use shortcode. One thing I have done before - if you are working on a wordpress hosted site - there are a ton of options there, but it wouldn’t route past the SuiteCRM login

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Thank you very much for your reply @jkortus1234

I am using a local server now but in the future, I will use site hosting.
Also, I have one more question regarding deployment.

What will be the process when I have to provide a customized CRM 8 instance to a client?
And how can I pass that customized package or instance to the client?

What will be the process for deployment and which files or folders will I have to provide to the client so that he can install it successfully in his CRM 8?

If you have the answer to my questions then please tell me @clemente.raposo @pgr @jkortus1234

Thank you in advance :pray:

So you initial begin building the package and subsequent modules in module builder. If you stick solely to module builder, it would just be an export of the package - which contains all models you’ve built into the package. End user would then use module loader to load the modules. Keeping in mind a few things here - versions matter. The version you build on has to be compatible with the version that the client has installed or you’ll run into issues. Also - if you make any changes in studio, you’ll also have to export the studio customizations which the client would then run through module builder, after installing the initial package as well.

Now - if you’re looking for something related more to an add- on in the store… That’s a whole different process.