How to Custom Multi Select Drop Down Fields display in list view in custom created module

I have try all way with studio

i have created one custom module , in this module created one multiselect dropdown fields with blank value, added in layout edit view, and fetching data from db jquery ajax data store successful in DB with Proper format, but when in list view its custom multiselect dropdown fields not display its only display’s commo’s but value not display

if have any idea about its, welcome and thank you for solve it


Have you checked the DB if the values are been saved properly?

yes, i have checked DB value store in Proper Format example :- ^id^,^date_entered^ its stored properly

Hi @svikram,

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Could you please provide some screenshots of the issue?
Like @AlxGr mentioned, does the field you created have values saved within the database?

Have you run a Quick Repair and Rebuild since making the changes? If so was there any SQL to execute and did it do so successfully (Confirm by running another rebuild) (QR&R can be found within the repair menu of the admin page)

Hi @Mac-Rae
i have attached screen shot for availability_fields in table column but in list view / details view its not showing its just showing commas.