How to create users (employees)?

Please help kindly how to create ‘employees’:
I downloaded open source SuiteCRM, installed it in Debian, created my Admin account and uploaded employees from a file (without passwords) and configured outbound email (SMTP).
But how can they access their user accounts without passwords? When we tried to use any (incorrect) pw, there was no “forgot password” option.
Thank you for your great help!


DESELECT where it says “Enable System-Generated Passwords Feature:”

Afterwhich in ADMIN > USER MANAGEMENT > [a user] you will a have a new “passwords” tab.

As far as making employees, create one user and don’t fill in the part where it says “answers to” (because they don’t coz they’re the boss!!)

Then each user you create after that, make them answer to your boss user.

Dear mikenco, Thank you so much for your kind help. I did what you said and got it working. :slight_smile:
Thank you again…

Dear Mikenco,
Thank you for explaining me the important principle!


Awesome work for Suite CRM!

I just would like to know why I cannot see the create employee button from my User Management panel.

Any suggestions will be highly appreciated!



@kevinpv The small grey tab on the left side of your screen. If you click that it will show all the options

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I have the same situation than @kevinpv. And when I click on the grey tab on the left, there is only the “Recently Viewed” part.

Can someone help me please ?

@Chrisjow if you are using 7.10.3 this is a known issue and all you need to do is upgrade to 7.10.4. Thanks