How to create Role Management to one group

Hi ,

I have understood 80% how to create Role Management ,
I have 15 Users,

10 -> Agents -> They can see only there data .
5    -> managers -> they can see there data and another Agents data (which we assign from that 10 Agents)

What I have done ,For all Agents in Roles Management I have given Owner to all the actions and below USER subPanel ,I have selected thier respective UserNames( This role management I have created each user separatly ).

For Managers I have select GROUP and below User subpanel ,I have selected respective manager and some of the Agent (under the managers).

when I Open Agent1 particuler USER from LIST USERS Details View ,there is ROLE SUBPANEL ,in that role subpanel ,It is showing Agent1 along with Manager ,but Here It should show only Agent1 bez in role managent I have given only his name .

where I have done wrong or what is the Process .


Hey there,

Are you still having issues with this?

hmm, It sounds correct to me

I might have misunderstood, but it sounds as though you have:

“Agent 1” Role - Related to the “Agent 1” User
“Manager 1” Role - Related to the “Agent 1” User AND “Manager 1” User

So, in this case, as the “Agent 1” user is related to TWO Roles, you will see both Roles in the Subpanel

Unless I have misunderstood something?

Would you be able to pass over more information around this?

Screenshots or Steps to replicate would greatly assist

(It might also be helpful to check out the documentation around Groups/Roles )