How to create relationships between fields?


I want to connect 3 different fields.

Member Type
Number of Articles
How many numbers if they select Standard Option.

I have five different member types, and the member-type field is a dropdown.

The number of articles field is a dropdown. Also, in my dropdown list, I have a primary option called “standard”.

when creating the record, if they have selected the option “Standard” under the number of articles dropdown, it should give the default number as an automated option.
Member Type: Member Type 1
Number of articles: Standard
The standard number of Article for Member Type 1 is: 2

How can I connect these fields together?

Please Help!!

You can do it in the back-end (only visible after a refresh) with Logic Hooks or Workflows.

You can do it in the front-end with custom Javascript code.

You can do it more practically with add-ons such as my PowerFields