how to create inline editing on list view through the code


I want to create th inline editing for all the modules on list view. Any help is appreciated.


This is not a simple thing your asking for. I know how to do it for a single module but not globally.

Are you proficient in php and JavaScript?

And if you do manage to do it globally please contribute it back to the community :wink:

I am just near to do the inline edit for single module. Once done will share.

Any news about that?

Hi All,
Anything about on this.???

inline editing is available in 7.3 Beta

Which says:

Inline Editing

- Edit fields directly on the List and Detail View by double clicking the field.
- To enable inline editing add the following lines to your config.php located in the root directory of your instance.

'inline_edit_listview' => true,

'inline_edit_detailview' => true,

- To turn inline editing off for a particular field view the field in studio and uncheck "Inline Editing"

any help on how to do with single module… in-line edition for sub-panel…